Restaurant Voice Apps

Restaurant Voice Apps

Is your business on Alexa? While your business may come up from the search engine (Bing for Alexa), the information the customer will receive is the information listed on that search engines.

We are living in an era where technologies are evolving at a stunning pace. Imagine your customers getting instant access to booking a table (without a fee to a third party ) or hearing what your chef’s specials are for that day. Thanks to our partners at Webology, now all you have to do is ask Alexa!

Restaurant Voice Apps are voice-enabled apps that allow customers to book reservations, RSVP for events, book parties, and listen to daily specials, directly through their Alexa or Google Home smart speaker.

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Why Do Restaurants  Need Social Media?

Why Do Restaurants Need Social Media?

If you are an entrepreneur owning a restaurant/hotel and looking to upscale your business, social media must be on top of your mind. This is because you are living in the digital age and social media is all over the place; it will be staying for many more years, at least until something new and more advanced takes over.

Social media: Importance

Customer engagement

People tend to share pictures of their favorite eatery on Facebook or Instagram as soon as they enter the place. As a restaurant owner you can make it simple by being proactive. Engage your customers through social channels and improve customer experiences. Remember; your hotel ambience, service quality, food- everything will be shared. So aim to sell experiences, not just your best dishes.

Enhanced trust and loyalty

When you encourage your customers to share their experiences online, you are actually demonstrating transparency. This makes people trust you. Moreover if there is an occasional negative review, it will be ignored considering your choice of publishing the same. You become credible and earn more loyal customers.

Brand advocacy

Your customers that share their experiences online are your restaurant’s advocates. Empower such customers and align your strategies to add to and intensify their messages.

Embrace social media and grow your business in style!

New Chef spices up the kitchen at Takito Kitchen. Wicker Park

Takito Kitchen Welcomes Gustavo Urbina
Chicago, Il, November 4, 2016– Mario Ponce, Owner/Operator of Takito Kitchen, a three-year old Wicker Park modern taqueria, announces the appointment of Gustavo Urbina as new Head Chef. Chef Urbina brings his culinary experience from the likes of Chef Laurent Tourondel’s BLT Steak & Tom Colicchio’s Beach Craft in Miami Beach.

Chef Urbina’s flavors are layered, bright, bountiful, and ignite one’s senses unmatched in Modern Mexican cuisine. His playful ability to combine ingredients that generate sensations that scream “wow” makes Chef Urbina someone to watch. Mr. Ponce boasts, “We are certain that you will agree – his food is amazing.
According to Angela, Owner of VIP Chicago Parties “His dishes are beyond amazing. Each bite is like an explosion of flavor in your mouth”
As Head Chef of Takito Kitchen he will oversee all culinary aspects of the restaurant and the creation of new and unique dishes. Three new tacos (Chicken Al Pastor, King Crab and Chimichurri – Argentinian – Steak) have been added to the menu.
‘I am really excited about working with Takito Kitchen– I enjoy bringing people together with food. Eating is something everyone has in common and I can sense a lot about a person through what they eat.” says Chef Urbina
Chef Urbina is creative; he has a tremendous passion for food and cooking. He believes that each creation is completely unique and deserves completely unique ingredients He has an innate ability to bring together Mexican seasonings, organic ingredients & quality proteins (steak, shrimp, Alaskan king crab) to create a taco sensation that nourishes the soul. In addition, he makes it part of his job to be at tables serving his dishes and enlightening guests when time allows. Chef Urbina is a chef that brings his passion to the kitchen and the table.
Takito Kitchen features Mexican-inspired cuisine – for over 3.5 yrs. The menu features seasonal shared plates, ceviche, handcrafted tacos – each every tortilla is made to order, soups and more with a focus on fresh ingredients and complex flavors. Industrial and modern, the unique open bar that rest in the center of the dining room, and open kitchen design allows the staff to closely interact with the guests providing them with a heightened dining experience.
For questions please contact Mario Ponce at 312-919-0929 or email at

Chipotles Policy

Chipotles Policy

Chipotle’s policy prevented employees from posting negative information about the company but this did not discourage a worker in Havertown, PA from tweeting about low wages and employee breaks. As a result, the company fired the employee.
Recently The National Labor Relations Board ruled that Chipotle can’t fire employees for posting grievances with the company on social media networks. In fact, it ruled that they cannot prohibit employees from posting about their jobs at all. The result? The company has to offer to hire the employee back; it even has to post signs saying that its policies were found illegal and have been changed.
Do you have a social media policy?