Lawsuit Filed Against Groupon

Lawsuit Filed Against Groupon


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On June 26, 2018, Corporate Tailgate Services Inc., dba Chicago Boat Rentals (“CBR”), 1177 North Elston Avenue, Chicago, filed a lawsuit against Chicago-based company GROUPON, Inc. (“Groupon”), alleging that Groupon had defrauded CBR. The Complaint alleges that Groupon used a fraudulent refund scheme in which it issued itself hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of “refund credits” for purported refunds that were in fact never refunded to customers. The Complaint alleges that “Groupon presented the fabricated and false ‘refunds’ as legitimate refunds actually given to purchasers, but in fact many of the refunds were fabricated by Groupon and not given to purchasers. The fabricated refunds that Groupon identified to CBR simply resulted in money that rightly belonged to CBR being kept by Groupon itself.”

The Complaint outlines the approximately 5-year relationship that CBR had with Groupon, in which Groupon sold discounted Groupon Vouchers to CBR’s boat rental services. 20% of the money Groupon collected from customers went to Groupon as a “service fee” under the parties’ agreement, and 80% was supposed to have gone to CBR for providing boat rentals at discounted prices to Groupon customers. The Complaint notes that for many sales, the sales proceeds were correctly divided 20%-80%. For many other sales, however, the Complaint alleges, Groupon fabricated that it had given refunds to customers and then deducted the amounts of those purported refunds from money that it rightly owed to CBR. The Complaint outlines one example where the customer purchased the Groupon Voucher in April, redeemed the voucher to rent one of CBR’s boats in July, only to have Groupon later assert that this customer had been refunded in April, on the same day as his purchase, and withholding CBR’s share of the customer’s purchase price from CBR. The Complaint alleges that the customer never received any refund.

Describing the scheme as both “complex and difficult to uncover,” the Complaint also alleges that Groupon took specific steps to cover up the scheme when CBR brought it to Groupon’s attention in August 2017, and then again in October 2017, including Groupon removing certain questionable names and redemption numbers from Groupon’s “Dashboard,” an online location where Groupon merchants may check the then-current status of specific Groupon vouchers, customers, and/or redemption numbers.

CBR’s Complaint seeks approximately $350,000 and $700,000 in punitive damages against Groupon, as well as attorneys’ fees, costs, pre-judgment interest, and post-judgment interest.
CBR’s outside legal counsel, Stuart Chanen, of Valorem Law Group, will hold a press conference to answer questions on the lawsuit on Thursday morning, at 9:30 a.m., at 218 N. Jefferson Street, Chicago, IL, Suite 300.

New Chef spices up the kitchen at Takito Kitchen. Wicker Park

Takito Kitchen Welcomes Gustavo Urbina
Chicago, Il, November 4, 2016– Mario Ponce, Owner/Operator of Takito Kitchen, a three-year old Wicker Park modern taqueria, announces the appointment of Gustavo Urbina as new Head Chef. Chef Urbina brings his culinary experience from the likes of Chef Laurent Tourondel’s BLT Steak & Tom Colicchio’s Beach Craft in Miami Beach.

Chef Urbina’s flavors are layered, bright, bountiful, and ignite one’s senses unmatched in Modern Mexican cuisine. His playful ability to combine ingredients that generate sensations that scream “wow” makes Chef Urbina someone to watch. Mr. Ponce boasts, “We are certain that you will agree – his food is amazing.
According to Angela, Owner of VIP Chicago Parties “His dishes are beyond amazing. Each bite is like an explosion of flavor in your mouth”
As Head Chef of Takito Kitchen he will oversee all culinary aspects of the restaurant and the creation of new and unique dishes. Three new tacos (Chicken Al Pastor, King Crab and Chimichurri – Argentinian – Steak) have been added to the menu.
‘I am really excited about working with Takito Kitchen– I enjoy bringing people together with food. Eating is something everyone has in common and I can sense a lot about a person through what they eat.” says Chef Urbina
Chef Urbina is creative; he has a tremendous passion for food and cooking. He believes that each creation is completely unique and deserves completely unique ingredients He has an innate ability to bring together Mexican seasonings, organic ingredients & quality proteins (steak, shrimp, Alaskan king crab) to create a taco sensation that nourishes the soul. In addition, he makes it part of his job to be at tables serving his dishes and enlightening guests when time allows. Chef Urbina is a chef that brings his passion to the kitchen and the table.
Takito Kitchen features Mexican-inspired cuisine – for over 3.5 yrs. The menu features seasonal shared plates, ceviche, handcrafted tacos – each every tortilla is made to order, soups and more with a focus on fresh ingredients and complex flavors. Industrial and modern, the unique open bar that rest in the center of the dining room, and open kitchen design allows the staff to closely interact with the guests providing them with a heightened dining experience.
For questions please contact Mario Ponce at 312-919-0929 or email at