If you are an entrepreneur owning a restaurant/hotel and looking to upscale your business, social media must be on top of your mind. This is because you are living in the digital age and social media is all over the place; it will be staying for many more years, at least until something new and more advanced takes over.

Social media: Importance

Customer engagement

People tend to share pictures of their favorite eatery on Facebook or Instagram as soon as they enter the place. As a restaurant owner you can make it simple by being proactive. Engage your customers through social channels and improve customer experiences. Remember; your hotel ambience, service quality, food- everything will be shared. So aim to sell experiences, not just your best dishes.

Enhanced trust and loyalty

When you encourage your customers to share their experiences online, you are actually demonstrating transparency. This makes people trust you. Moreover if there is an occasional negative review, it will be ignored considering your choice of publishing the same. You become credible and earn more loyal customers.

Brand advocacy

Your customers that share their experiences online are your restaurant’s advocates. Empower such customers and align your strategies to add to and intensify their messages.

Embrace social media and grow your business in style!